Ministry Journals for Others
We create ministry journals to send to those that need a little encouraging for free. If you would like to request a ministry journal to be sent to you please visit the Say Hello page and fill out the form. We will mail 1 free ministry journal to each residence or 10 to a place of service (hospitals, cancer centers, hospice, foster care, etc.). We love sharing to those that are in hospitals, nursing homes, Hospice care, Recovery, and etc. We will also custom make a ministry journal for all ages. We do this as a ministry, however, in order to keep the ministry going with shipping, etc we must sale some items.
This page contains photos of the ministry journals, ATC's, and tags.


I am sending an ATC book along with Missionaries in February of each year that is filled with ATC's for Haitian Orphans so they can learn their language and ours. The ATC's need to have a CREOLE language word on it with artwork, collage, digital image of the chosen word. We are collecting these all through the year. Please help us send atleast 90 to fill the book. The missionaries hand carry the book to the children. It is wonderful to see all of the smiling faces as they turn through the book. If you would like to donate completed ATC's please email me for the info.

ATC's for Journaling Cards/Tags
I am collecting ATC's that have an index back with lines as journaling cards/tag with lines on back with the ministry journals. If you wish to donate an ATC Journaling Card/tag journaling marker to be placed into the ministry journals please email me for the info. Need to be no larger then 4x4 for the tags. ATC journaling card is the same size as an ATC 2.5 x 3.5.

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