thatsjustpenny Design Team Call

thatsjustpenny is looking for a creative crew to create with and promote her digital kits

  • junk journals, intergrated journals, digi kit journals, hybrids

  • recycling/upcycling/re-purposing

  • use what you have on hand (non-copyrighted materials please)

  • using digi kits from thatsjustpenny

Your motivation as a 'designer' will be to inspire people to create junk journals/journals - by combining recycled supplies/junk from your own stash (non-copyrighted) and digitals from thatsjustpenny only. All designer are welcome including newbies. Does it matter if you are not a professional artist, digital artist, no. All are welcome to join.

Design Team Member Term is a 3 month commitment.

thatsjustpenny has been creating digi kits for years for various creations. However, thatsjustpenny wants to see if others are using the kits in their own creativness. So thatsjustpenny decided to create a design team to spread the word of her junk journal digi kits and in return help you promote your creativeness through youtube, facebook, blog, website, and Etsy shop of your own.If you would like to see your name on here as a team member come and join!

Designer Requirements

To become a team member you will first need to sign up by via FB Messenger. You must create a project each month using the chosen kit for that month for 3 months.  Once thatsjustpenny receives the PM she will send you the link to the secret facebook group. It is for a 3 month term. You'll share your creation in a video/pictures on YouTube and/or FaceBook.  

Technical Requirements
  • must have access to working printer or copy shop 

  • knowledge of extracting files/downloading PDFs , JPEGs, ZIP files

  • experience making clear, audible, edited videos and uploading them to YouTube (cell phone is fine) or FB and taking, editing, and uploading pictures (photos are just fine)

  • have a YouTube channel or Face Book or any other social media like instagram


Digital kits and elements from other designers cannot be used in your design team projects. Please, do not use other printed digi kits or other pre-printed materials from some one else. Do not include any copyrighted or other persons' free materials. If you need a specific digi to include in your junk journal contact thatsjustpenny. (except repurposed, recycled, upcycled) You can use pre-printed scrapbook paper or coffee or tea dyed papers. You can use ink stamps, stencils, fabric, etc. as long as you state that it wasn't a part of the kit from thatsjustpenny.

 You may not use in a digital re-work, or a mix digital of any means. You may not transform the file into another file except for personal use. thatsjustpenny still holds the copyrights.


The junk journal digital kits will be yours to use as you wish (as per terms of use- do not sale the digi files or printed pages), however, you can sale your handmade projects from the digis.You will receive for free each month 1 digi kit from thatsjustpenny until (3 months) 2019. All kits, printables, and templates are ┬ęthatsjustpenny. She still holds all copyrights,she is giving you LCU meaning limited commercial use. You are allowed to print, create, and sale the finished products.

The design team after the 3 months *committed term* you are welcome to stay on the team or leave as you see fit but at least 1 junk journal must be completed every 3 months to stay on the design team after the committed term is up. If you sign up, receive a kit, and do not produce a project you will be removed from the team.

Design Team Members Benefits

There is no money involved. However, there is a chance to earn a Giftiliate of 10% each sale via etsy coupon for each sale that comes from your exclusive coupon code. Giftiliate is an Amazon Gift Card.  You will receive a referral code (coupon code and a link to a referral code page that belongs to you. You can copy and paste this referral code page link into posts and descriptions. Once someone uses the link to purchase a kit on ETSY then I will know. THE REFERRAL CODE (COUPON CODE) ONLY WORKS ON MY ETSY SHOP!

Each team member will receive the thatsjuspenny team member logo to place on their website, get their name placed on thatsjustpenny FB group Digital Junk Journal, website, instagram, etc. along with the designers' creations, promotion of their own YouTube, Etsy, etc., and receive free digi kits as long as they remain on the team each month. The junk journal creations and digital kits will be yours to use as you wish afterwards (as per terms of use- do not sale the digi files or printed pages or digital re-works), however, you can sell your handmade projects from the digis. 

UPDATE- FOR THOSE WHO REMAIN ON THE DT FOR 1 YEAR WITH 12 PROJECTS WILL RECEIVE ACCESS TO THATSJUSTPENNY'S 2018 VAULT OF DIGITAL KITS AS LONG AS YOU REMAIN AN ACTIVE DT MEMBER. This is considered Veteran status. Veterans status must complete 1 project every 3 months after the commitment term. If these projects are not produced then you will be removed from the DT and the vault.

If you would like to join the team please  PM using FB Messenger and I will be in contact.

To Recap;

To apply to be on the Design Team you will need to:

  1. fill out the form below or via FB Messenger PM

  2. once you receive the FB messege with the link to the secret Facebook group

  3. create a junk journal (any size, any binding, your choice) or any project not just journals

  4.  make youtube video or FB video (tag me) or take pictures then post to FB and/or Youtube (tag me) or other social media like Instagram  #thatsjustpenny

  5. copy and paste the coupon code to the post this is also the giftiliate link

You can reach me by;

FB- Penny L. Whittemore, Digital Junk Journal, Junk Journal Hunters Club, Junk Journal Barter, thatsjustpenny designs fan

Youtube-  Penny Whittemore

Instagram- thatsjustpenny

Etsy- thatsjustpenny

Are you willing to commit to a 3 month term or a 1 month term?

Are you willing to create a complete project?

Check box to agree to the submission guidelines.

Note to all DT Members if you do not full fill your obligation and a DT kit has been given to you that you have done nothing with with no explanation or communication, you will no longer be able to continue for the rest of the DT term or for future DT calls. Sorry.

Want to join the team?

If you wish to send me photos click here.

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